Tour Itineraries

Come and explore the crown of India- where the natural beauty is blessed by the Gods… where the misty morning sprawls over the snow clad peaks. where the sunlight gives a gentle touch to the woods and waters, valleys and hillside. If there is heaven on earth, it is here in the divine lands of Jammu & Kashmir.

Budget: Kashmir is very budget-friendly and cheap to travel. Hiking and trekking will add some expenses, but even those are reasonable. A solo traveler can anticipate  budget of $15 per day if traveling around. A little extra budget goes a long way here and you can upgrade to nice digs and eat decent food on just $30 per day per person when you are not trekking. Once you add in trekking fees, that gets a bit more. Baseline though — it’s cheap. You can scale up and have a very nice couple trip too

Each zone has a distinctive identity in terms of natural beauty, flora and fauna, culture, food and lifestyle. The region is nurtured by the major rivers- Jhelum, Indus, Chenab, Tawi and Ravi- that flow through the state